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    40 W power, cuts 10mm in acrylic, 6mm in wood but have done 7mm.
    Engraves on most things but it's limited on cutting. They say they won't engrave on bare metal but they will but it's very light. You can buy some stuff called Thermark at £100 an aerosol [ no typo ] they melts and fuses to the metal but at that price it's insane to think about it.

    This is marking on bare stainless.

    But a quick wipe with a piece of scotchbrite has virtually removed the lower test letters.

    Same test but using some secret mixture.

    And that's after scotchbrite. I reckon I can do better but waiting for some stuff off Ebay, ear of bat, tongue of newt and all that crap.

    It can do anodised aluminium but it only burns the anodising off to leave white letters. Black and some coloureds are OK but clear is no good as you get white letters on a white background and it looks like the Italian flag.
    John S -

  2. Thats only a 40w, and you can do that.

    How much did it cost?
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

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    There used to be a brush on stuff called cermark I think. Gave really nice engraving for low power lasers but it was even more expensive at around £150 for a smallish tub.

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    Nice John. Looks like a winner.

    Got me thinking about all the uses I'd have for one myself now ya swine lol

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