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    Just because Denford charged the school £20,000 for it doesn't mean to say it was ever worth that money.
    All it means to say is someone saw them coming. A brand new Hass TM1 is still only £25,000 and that's a modern machining centre.

    Dear John,

    I have just purchased said machine, chuffed to bits, £25k ? Was looking for a machine, not a mortgage.


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    If its still for sale, would go to £2000 on it, if in good condition. i presume it will mill stainless steel? Text me ASAP on 07507862221 if its still for sale and put mycncuk in the text!

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    hi, this was sold several years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i2i View Post
    Hi, here's a link to the denford website.
    Denford Software & Machines • View forum - Triac
    This machine has 300mm x axis, 180mm y axis, 235mm z axis. 1.5hp dc spindle 4000rpm.
    It's a 1995 model i think, but don't let the age fool you, it has come from a school that barely used it. The condition is excellent and the quality is far better than the seig range of machines. This machine was £20,000 new, is extremely rigid and has no visible wear on any slide or ballscrew.
    If you want a chat about it give me a ring on 07791011037 anytime.
    Hi, Do you have “baldor D281 motion control card for a triac P. C. (denford), red 7-segment LED display type. The firmware is ESMINT 3.28 V1.6H/S - JD5.”

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