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    hmm, anyone good with ratios for rpm etc?

    Im looking at this spindle, and trying to figure out how much rpm I will get from the 4000 rpm motor, spindle is very thin compared to stock


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    I have a Taig here and will measure the pulleys later and work out what the various spindle speeds are.
    Can I query your motor being 4,000 rpm ? I was led to understand that the Italian motors supplied with a Taig were 2,850 rpm ?

    Ratio's are just a division of driver over driven multiplied by motor speed so a 100mm motor pulley driving a 50mm spindle pulley will be 100 / 50 = 2 x motor speed, if it is a 2,850 motor then spindle will be doing 5,700

    John S.
    John S -

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    well ive not measured it, sorry I meant it drives the spindle at around 4000RPM or so i was told, perhaps you can shed some light on it.

    I can't tighten my belt much as im struggling to get the thing aligned enough so it does not make a load of noise when tightened.

    do you know of any decent motor upgrades? I may have to upgrade to a Kress, but as I bought the ER-16 spindle I would rather stick to the belt driven system with a faster motor.


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