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    Hi Again these are examples of the things i would like to make, i still cannot say if they are in 2d or 3d never mind 2.5d, what do you think.

    They look 2D but the pictures are not very good resolution.? If the top surface of the bottom item curves then that will be 3D. It doesn't look curved but I know they can be on some guitars.!!

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    Many thanks Jazzcnc.

    The picture shows two items, the top item is a saddle and that is Radioused to the guitar fretboard, therefore it's 3D, Again many thanks for your advice and teaching.



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    It does also depend on how you present the part to the cutter..............if you can safely tip the part on it's side you can then produce the radius quite easily as a 2D cutterpath. This is assuming that it is a radius around a single plane........if it is say a torus (doughnut) type shape then this will have to be done using 3D machining.
    If it's not possible to use this method and the radiused face is facing the tool, then machining it as a 3D shape is your only option.
    The uppermost part in your image looks like it has rounded edges.........these can be done using a radius cutter following a 2D shape, or, you can 3D mill it using a ballnose cutter.

    I have created this short video to help you visualise the differences that I am referring to. The first part shows the part being machining in 3D and the second part shows the same part being machined using a 2D strategy:

    I hope this helps?


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