1. As the title says...

    I have so much I want to do...

    Paint my mill stand
    Fit its adjustable feet
    Get the mill onto the stand and set it up
    Pour a new rear bearing for the lathe
    Make the Z-gantry for my PCB router/mill
    Change the rear pads/discs on the car, get some new tyres and get it MOT'd

    and a host more...

    how much will i achieve...

    I suspect very little....

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    Well, I was rather hoping to have a holiday, but I don't think it's going to happen. OTOH catching up a bit would be nice

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    Got to clear some space, just bought in injection moulder off ebay
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Robin Hewitt View Post
    Got to clear some space, just bought in injection moulder off ebay
    what about the one you built? is that redundant now (and a lot smaller!)
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    Good luck with the good intentions to do stuff over the break - I'm planning on giving my workshop a big clearout, but strongly suspect that it will still be in the present untidy state at the end of the holiday.............

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    Hi Irving

    I built an extremely compact moulder because I didn't have the space for a big one.

    I now have space. One of the basic rules of business is that that you always start from where you are now.

    Here's a fun DIY injection mould link...


    And a fun finishing link...




    You and Jeremy, in the words of RoboCop, "Thank you for your co-operation"
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