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    Hi all, Ive a Lenze Speed Controller from My Boxford 260, and its Very sick, in fact it is in intensive care at this very moment, the problem appears to lie with a small black transformer a little smaller than 2"X2", there are very few markings on it of note, so i am hoping that someone has a 530 series controller that they could peek inside and tell me the output voltages from the transformer, or a part number or even some source of information like a circuit diagram, or something more than what is in the standard manual that ive downloaded..

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    Well if nobody on here knows about these controllers then im not sure where to get the information, because i'm all out of ideas. Isnt that just the way, the controller i get has virtually no information available.. Hmpfffff..

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  3. Had a quick look round, can't find anything of use that might help, just the user manual. I'd be happy to look at it for you, see if there's anything can be done. I did find a firm offering a repair service @ 159 I think, but that'll be just a board swap if they have one. What makes you think its the transformer, assuming it is a transformer (without seeing it I hazard a guess its not, but is a choke). Can you take a pic of the board in hi res as near perpendicular as you can?

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    If it's old and nothing is a charred wreck I always start by looking for aluminium can electrolytic capacitors. They vent and eventually dry out, crummy but so much cheaper than tantalum bead you can see why they get used. Fortunately they cost pennies so it's a good place to start. I fixed a BMW once by changing one capacitor, I used to fix computer monitors before they went for an external PSU's, simply by changing electrolytics.

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    Well its all voodoo to me, I understand what the components are and what hey do, i can even build my own circuits, some even quite complex, but this liettle thing is beyond me. Im not sure what the processes are on this board or how it acheives them.

    All i know is you connect the mains to it, a motor to it, a huge transformer(choke) to it and a 0-10vdc feed to control the motor speed.

    And this critter Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cap.jpg 
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ID:	6599 decided to show the world its insides, anouncing the event with a bang, as it let out its magic smoke..

    It was sitting across the pins onf what i believe to be a transformer, or a choke as Irving has suggested, i will see if i can get a picture as you have suggested of the board posted.

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    That little critter is available from RS if you want a direct replacement:

    Although judging by the photo it looks like you might already have got one...
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  7. Here is the Lenze 534 Controller.

    And here is the dead transformer

    The pri coil is dead, and also one of the two sec coils are dead.

    The base footprint of the transformer is 32.6x27.6mm.

    The shape/dimensions of the transformer and the pin layout is very close to some of the Myrra EI range of transformer's.

    Once we find out what the sec coil voltage output should be of the lenze transformer, it will be very easy to find a drop in replacement transformer.
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  8. @MP... are the secondaries wired in series or parallel to that bridge rectifier?

  9. If you are on about the big black unit bolted to the end plate, that is a VHF 28-08io5
    Half Controlled Single Phase Rectifier Bridge
    , and the small transformer go's nowhere near it.

    The two outputs of the lenze 332 703 transformer go direct to the white upright card. (Lenze 5031AH.1 328633 31 / 46).
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  11. OK, but still, are the secondaries series or parallel connected?

    Other useful info I just found... the Lenze 530 series manual has this interesting pic:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So we know it is an EI30 series and its 0.9VA...
    tho current EI30 are 0.6VA and 1VA, so I guess this might be a special. edit: or then again, maybe not; EI30-10.5 is 1VA or 0.9W for the 2x15 V: VB 1,0/2/15 from Farnell (alternate to Myrra)

    Elsewhere in the manual it lists switching voltages for relay contacts as 20v so I'm going to hazard a guess this is a 15v secondary...
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