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  1. He was very angry with his Geckos :)

    @Jonathan, you might be right about effort to repair...

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    Hi, Andy

    I am in the process and new the the cnc world. The set up I have built is Mach 3 with a warp 9 Ess, PMDX 126 and leadshine AM882 drives. I am having problems getting Motors to move from Mach. I have everything hooked up correctly as far as I can see. I did not hook up the enable to +5 v to the drives, because the PMDX typical hook up didn't seem to call for it. I can make motors turn form the Leadshine pro tuner with no problem, so that tells me there is something wrong with Mach settings. I am at a loss at this point. Getting frustrated. Hopefully you or someone knows about this set up.


    Ben B.

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    Hi Ben,

    Not enough info to help I'm afraid. Need to know exactly what is connected and what isn't and to which pins etc.

    Best bet is to post Pics of the Motor outputs and Inputs and outputs in Ports n pin setup in mach3.
    Also what inputs your using on the PMDX and what goes to which. Also how the Dip swithces are set on the PMDX.

    It will be something simple like Active low or the PMDX not enabling it's motor outputs. Something daft like Possibly you haven't enabled the Charge pump or E-stop etc.

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    Hi jazz,

    I'm back with some info. So here is what I have set up Mach 3 is running and communicating with Ess and PMDX 126. I have unhooked all Am882 drives except one on J2 of the PMDX. Using just one drive to be safe for testing.

    (PMDX to Am882)

    I have the +5vdc from J2 connected to PUL+ and DiR+ on AM882 (the +5v is jumper end at the driver with a short wire, as instructed by PMDX manual.

    Pin 6 on PMDX is Wired to PUL- on Am882 pin 7 is wired to DIR- on Am882

    alm and enable are left unhooked.

    (Motors to Am882)

    4 wire Wanti stepper motors 1090 oz 5.6A 85BYGH450D-008 (red wire=A+ green=A- yellow=B+ blue=B-

    hooked to drivers accordingly

    72VdC hooked to drives.

    drive dip settings are as follows 1 on 2 on 3 off 4 off 5 on 6 on 7 on 8 off

    Drives are active and blinking green led no faults.

    i am able to move motor fine with Am882 test pulser in the pro tune when hooked up with my laptop.

    (PMDX/ Mach settings and hook up)

    pmdx is is set to normal mode with charge pump in dip settings.

    ess is installed on PMDX with posts plugged in with two ribbon cables supplied by Ess warp 9.

    Estop cir is hooked up and functioning properly on port 1 pin 10 Mach

    charge pump is enabled in Mach port 1 pin 17

    J2 which is showing as axis z in Mach has been enabled port 1 pins 6and 7.

    have tried checking both active low on and off and get response from led signals next to pin 6 and 7. Also when I try to Jog the motor I am getting a step light flickering on the PMDX, showing a step signal.

    I have tried different motor motor tune settings as well in Mach . The Am882 is set up for micro step 8 in the pro tune screen which they are saying that is equivelant to 1600.

    So at this point let me know what else you need


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    Have you checked the Low Active Enable state in Protune.? If this is set wrong then the drive won't enable unless you pull the pin high.

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    Hi, jazz

    i am away from the computer I will send a picture of the screen shot tomorrow.

    Thanks for for your help on this

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