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    I think they just buy them in tbh.. as i emailed him about this Superb 3 Axis CNC Controller for sale, complete unit, ready to plug in and go, | eBay the other week and he said it was made by the same place where they get their machines from!

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    Really these don't look that bad for the money if you've got nothing too ambitious planned.

    Black Cat CNC Machine 600x400mm cut area. EU Support / Warranty | eBay

    A chinese 6040 works out at what? About £1200ish including the shipping charges? For a couple of hundred more these look to have better electronics all housed in tidy enclosure, are from a UK source and they've obviously stripped down the machine to paint it so maybe quality control is better than some chinese kid on a bowl of rice a day cranking these things out. Don't know what blackcat support is like but even if its nil then they're on a par with the chinese!

    Not saying this is the best for your ~£1500 but it does look like an option providing your cutting ambitions are modest.

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