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    Hello All,

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions and approximate weight of a Denford Starmill PC please.

    I have looked on the Denford forum, but I can only find info on the Novamill, which I do not think is the same.

    Thank you

  2. According to the manual here it is 100kg without the toolchanger, 110kg with.

    Length 1000mm x Width 900mm x 620mm Height. of cabinet I guess...

    My google-fu is good today! :)

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    Thank you very much for taking the time to search and post this info, I did not realise that the BBC version was the same as the PC.

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    There are several versions of the starmill, but the standard starmill pc is roughly 700mm x 700mm x 700mm

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    Thank you, ah that's more like it, I think the starmill BBC has the control box attached to the back and a keypad on the front, this would also make it heavier than the Starmill PC.

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