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    Quote Originally Posted by CollinW View Post
    I'm looking for a good vinyl cutter and I haven't decided right now which would be the best for me.
    I will highly appreciate your input any tips ideas are welcome
    Since I posted about the plotter and knife, the plotter turned out to be worth a few bob, so I flogged it and bought a P-Cut 630
    vinyl cutter.
    I saw loads of things about P-cuts and people not being able to get them working, So I bought one very cheap cos the bloke couldn't
    get it to work!
    A lot of the software available is really grotty. I ended up with a copy of flexisign pro. I cut all the masks to paint the transfers on a
    few push bike frames, some of the lettering I cut was less than 2mm high, the cutter worked flawlessly. I didn't mess about, I did the
    drawings in illustrator and cut them with flexisign. I read something and the bloke was drawing in inkscape and cutting directly
    from inkscape.

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    @Jonathan what kind of vinyl cutter did you use at school? Would you recommend it?
    Jonathan is not likely to answer as the post is 7 years old
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    And the 'Old Thread Revival Award' goes to ........

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