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    Hi All

    Not sure if this is the right section for this, but here goes.

    I now have my Stepper motors & Drivers, a Breakout Board and PSU. My question is this - What size/gauge wires do I need to connect these items (The Motors are already wired). Can anyone supply I good hard wire schematic I could use. I appreciate I need a panel mounted E Stop & On/Off switch, but do I need to put in extra fuses, in the control (240vac) circuit?



  2. If you are refering to just the low voltage side (NOT stepper motor wiring, but breakout board to drivers and the 5V PSU for these, plus limit/home switches) then normal equipment wire 7/0.2 is fine e.g. Equipment Wire (7/0.2) : Equipment Wire : Maplin Electronics For the stepper motors back to their PSU you'll need something heavier, either 24/0.2 or 32/0.2, or you can use 4-core flexible mains cable.

    As to the schematic, it depends on the actual board/drivers you have. but there are several on the site, try using the search function.

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    I've used 2-core mains cable before now for PSU to stepper drivers - just make sure it's quite thick stuff so at least 1mm^2.
    Also don't wire the drivers power from one to the next to the next... instead use a 'star' configuration so each driver has it's own two power wires going back to the power supply. If you didn't you would need a much larger cable size.

    A neat option for the stepper driver step/direction inputs is to use 4-core alarm cable as this tends to be 7/0.2.
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