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    a heated pet mat in the control box keeps the electronics safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilfy View Post
    . . . . . i literally shared an outhouse with . . . . . 3 barrels of homebrew . . . . .
    What on earth made you move?

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    dont worry the homebrew came with me :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilfy View Post
    dont worry the homebrew came with me :D
    Better still room for 6 barrels now and who gives a shit about cold after 2 barrels. .

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    borrowed an SDS drill to help get through these concrete panels as i was blunting drill bits after one board.. it's like cutting through butter now, put up all the panels on the left side now, but gotta go work in a bit, so will shift all the crap over to the other side to make space for me to put the other panels up and hopefully the cladding will be done 2moro morning and i can then start thinking about the worktops

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    ok if anyone can be bothered to help me out here i've now started to see the problems with not having insulation in this garage.

    the problem i am having is condensation developing on the tin roof and dropping down all over the place.. this has to stop as it has already ruined the nice smooth finish of my mdf worktops, them i can live with... but water/damp in my cnc machine, pillar drill, chop saw ect i cant live with.

    i really need to find the cheapest way possible to just stop the condensation, again as before i'm not bothered about me being cold myself in there i can live with that.. but the dripping condensation is a big worry.

    i have stuck an oil filled rad in there for now, but it's more of a direct heat in that it's warming the panels above the rad but not much else and the frost outside is acctually freezing the condensation even with the rad in there.

    one part of my wants to reduce air flow, as they say heat rises and at the moment as soon as the heat goes up it can escape through every single side of the building.

    my initial thought is something like speaker box carpet glued to the roof with spray adhesive and expanding foam around all the gaps in roof joins to the concrete...

    anyone else have any other cheapo ideas that will help this problem?

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    just reading a mig welders forum this stuff seems to work well from what one guy is saying

    METAL SHED condensation HELP - Page 2 - MIG Welding Forum

    it's like 5mm floor underlay

    looking round ebay i could possibly get something like
    Foam Underlay - Carpet - Approx 10m x 1.5m x 8mm NEW LOOK! | eBay

    quite cheap and i could spray glue it to the roof no problem

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    Very ironic you should bring this subject up.

    Only last weekend, I decided to draw a line under years of drippy condensation!. Its literally been the bain of my existance since I build the garage 6 years ago.

    My garage is 22ft long, by 11ft. Its a mix-match of concrete sections and breeze block. Still only single skin though. then industrial metal roofing sheets (the kind commercial units are clad with)

    Two years ago, I converted a gas bottle into a log burner which helps on these cold winter nights, however the warmer you get the garage the more it USED to drip.

    The other contributing factor I think, is the fact I sealed the ribbs in the roof in with foam to stop the draft coming in - inbetween.

    Anyway, I looked into all kinds of options; had quotes to get it sprayed with foam, thought about putting in a sub-roof inbetween the joists. but in the end decided to bite the bullet and do it properly

    so saturday morning I spent 170 on 9 sheets of 8x4 OSB, and 3 rolls of felt.

    I removed the metal tin, put the wood down, felted it then put the metal back on top. (sounds so simple!) To be fair it wasnt difficult just heavy work on your tod. Fortunately I have the balance of a ninja cat.

    It is now like a sactuary! the accoustics have dramatically changed and best of all... wait for it... NO DRIPPING.


    Whatever you do; spend your money wisely. you may find a cheaper fix but if its somewhere you spend a lot of time its best to have it right.

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    if there is an air gap between your sheets/felt and the roof it's highly likely it's still dripping just you cant see it.. for you that is alright as it's felted and should run off.

    my roof is almost flat and such a run off will not work and i imagine any dripping will just poll up and find a way under the felt.

    my plan is to copy what that other fella has done and put foam underlay with spray glue to the roof, my friend has some decent stuff that goes in a spray gun so should make easy work of it...

    i've had an oil heater in there all night and looking out the window there is literally one small patch about an 8th the space of the garage that looks dry on the roof, the rest is still frosty.. i will get this sorted this week as i really need to feel like i can do some work in there, it's starting to make me put jobs off which is no good

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    i Have the same problem with my metal shed. I,m replacing the metal roof for a wooden one. I,m building an extension onto this shed, and will all be made from wood, then i,ll have a piece of mind that nothing will be getting wet from condensation, happy days.

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