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    condensation how i understand it is warm air rising, hitting something colder than it cooling the air rapidly forcing it to turn to water....

    the way i understand how this will now work is the air will rise sure, but instead of hitting cold tin it will hit warm insulation and not condense hence not acctual condensation.

    to back up my theory even more i've had an oil rad in the garage over the last 2 nights and got rid of the condensation completely.. but that is a 1.1kw oil rad left on for 48 hours to get to that stage... this insulation should mean i only need to put the heater on for a few hours over night to keep the chill off the insulation

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    what are the chances this roof will take my weight if i lie down and use a board to spread the weight??

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    What a man-cave! I know many that would be very jelous.

    I bet you, you could JUMP up and down on it and be completely fine. Its the same stuff or very similar to mine which is literally as strong as an ox! still think you will eventually end up going back to it this job taking the sheets off, boarding and felting. then re-fitting them.. you sure there is no run-off? your neighbours looks like its sloped!. even if its not you could just re-do the joists?

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    the problem is with re-doing the roof is it's not my house.. we private rent.. everything i've done if needs be can be ripped off and put back to standard, i've already trialed the flashing on the roof... got my blow torch out up there and warmed the panels up stuck it down over the screws that are leaking IN water and they certainly are not letting any water in through the top.. as for condensation inside.. well i'm condensation free for over 36 hours now and 24 of that was before i stuck the insulation in there.

    here is what i intend to use to support my weight up there 2moro so i can reach the bits i cant do off ladders (those screws go right the way across) i've stood in the middle on it 2nite and bounced up and down on it and it's not touching the floor.. the widest bits will be bearing down on the concrete so no stress on the tin.

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    and here is the panels up stuck to the roof for most part of the day, expanding foam in the gaps and foil tape in the joins, all i need to do is do the smaller cuts as i've been working on multipull things and not had chance to do them, like i said before though it's already warmer in there, started the day off when fan heater and rad to take the chill off the room and now it's maintaining the temp with the oil rad turned to about 3/4 and there is still loads of gaps i need to fill

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    If you are worried about the condensation above the insulation open the voids to the outside air, the water vapour will equalise then.
    From the picture of the roof it will be easy to open as the roof overhange the garage sides.


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    your quite right then, you just have to make the most of what you got... if you still get condensation you'll have to have a re-think. it must be possible one way or another...

    either way... there will be less drips this way :-D

    just be careful of fires now though (not that you werent before), because that stuff looks like it will make good napalm!!

    top work chap. keep it up... you'll be out there in your speedos before you know it.

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    so... am i stupid? clever? crazy??

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    As long as you spread the weight then it should be ok. Thats how I put the steel sheets on my garage!


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    You'r looking good Wilfy, get down off that roof, go into your warm dry workshop and show us some of what you make.

    Regards, Geoff.

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    the only thing i am making in there at the minute is a simple cabinet for our living room.. in fact it's made i'm just slowly working on my least favourite thing which is painting the damn thing.. 2 coats of primer done

    heres the plan for it i drew up in sketchup

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    the thing on the left is a bubble tube i am making for my boys, but that got put on hold as i would like to cut pieces for it from my own machine

    and with regards to me being cold on the roof, it's supprising what difference an extra t-shirt makes... oh and add in the fact i was using a blow torch up there to warm the tin up so the flashing would stick

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