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    Yeah sorry, I do tend to on a bit......just spent two years converting a barn so quite familiar with it all, dehumidifier has been worth its weight in gold.

    Now home brew and Arduino sound much more interesting.

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    haha flicking through some old pictures i've acctually found a picture of what i had for a shed before hand.. i hope this puts in to perspective the difference between what i previously had and what i have now.. and hopefully you will understand why i feel like i have a palace for a workshop..

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    under that counter is a washing machine on the right, on the left is all my tools above is a build i worked on at the time and about that height again is the roof... that it

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    At the risk of going off post, is that four 8" subs? (given that a brick is 215mm) nice. Takes me back a bit. spend 5 years fitting car alarms and audio. For your car or a customer?

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    the build above was a replacement build for my 50 year old dad's party bus/7 seater taxi if you have a flick through this link you will see it pretty much from start to finish including some really bad fabrication techniques, i've come a long way since then and have a strong desire to do something similar again.

    the build consisted of 2 x 10" screens, billions of lights and 4 x 8" mtx coaxials and in the boot was a removable box with 4 x 12" cheapy fusion subwoofers.. it was mental, people used to request getting picked up by my dad instead of other drivers.

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    oh and the garage got a new edition today :D:D:D
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    just to further update this as i've looked at it for reference it's still super dry in here, i dont actually have to leave the oil rad on overnight, just come in flick it on, within 10 minutes of me working i'm stripping down to a t-shirt and turning it off while i potter about.

    i'm really glad i've gone cheap on this as not only has it worked, but there is talk of us moving house now as we might need adaptations for one of my little ones and they wont do them in a private rented house
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