1. Here in Edinburgh, building my first CNC mill to do work on Concertina building. Have experience with wood a powers tools; also with drafting and a bit of CAD but CNC is totally new and interesting.

    Anyone who lives in the area and would like to stop by for tea and go over different systems and such is more than welcome to contact me.

    My Mill is a Marchant Dice platform with a Kress 1050 Spindle (bought the kit version of that). Control is by Stepperworld FET3 Dynamo set up and currently running BobCAD-CAM V21 and Master CNC 2.0. Using a HP zv6149ea Laptop as the computer base with a PCMCIA cardbus to parallel (Lindy). Having a bit of fun getting the ports to see each other but it should resolve with some research and working the bugs out.


  2. Micheal,

    Welcome, I see you took up the invite :)

    We are a small, but growing, bunch on here with a good smattering of skills and with more of a UK focus than CNCZone (which most also inhabit), which helps when sourcing elusive parts or finding better pricing than MD :D


  3. #3
    Welcome to the forums Micheal !

    As a new member any comments or suggestions you may have will be much apprecated. Good luck with the new things to come and i look forward to reading your progress.


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