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  1. Conqueror Design & Engineering who supplied many of the original control boards to Conect still exist, and do a conversion kit to run their own software, but are showing as out of stock -,cncupconect

    Personally, I replaced everything in the control cabinet on mine. Modern stepper drivers will give far better performance, and modern software is far better.
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    Hello m_c,

    Thanks for the link.
    I have looked there before in the past for another project.
    I do have a 4 axis stepper motor control board which is connected by USB which I may use although I got it for something else.
    Maybe I will have to fit that and update the machine.

    Kind regards,


  3. Be aware that not all CNC controllers support lathe functions, so before you fit anything, check that it does support threading.
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    Hello m_c,
    I will check that thanks, if it does not I may install it elsewhere.
    The board it was meant to replace runs Mach 3 so that should be OK.

    Kind regards,


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    Be aware that Mach 3 doesn't thread correctly on long threads with the single slot encoder.
    Mach 4 is getting there but it's been a long haul and as well as a $200 Mach 4 license you will need an external controller board as Mach 4 cannot exist on it's own like Mach 3.

    Linux CNC can thread and is free [ can't use USB breakout boards ] but unless you are conversant with Linux it's a steep learning curve.

    I had a look yesterday and found the Conect lathe software. It runs off a PC, what flavour I have no idea, probably DOS and I also found the manual for it.

    If you want to go the original route I can scan and upload these
    John S -

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    Hello John S,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have used both Mach 3 and Linux CNC on my engraver / milling machine with some success.

    I would love to try the original route just to see how it works and would be most grateful if you could upload the software and manual.

    I have found another problem now but its purely mechanical the gas strut on the lid is missing so I am trying to find its spec, it may of course be in the manual.

    Thanks once again for your help.

    Kind regards,


  7. Any I've seen never used a gas strut, but there are a few different versions.
    Mine had a simple two part stay. If you look through the photos on my Flickr account, you should get a rough idea of what it was -
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    Hi m_c,
    Thanks for the info and the link.
    As you say there must be many different models.
    Mine has a completely different motor and it is turned round 180 degrees.
    The drive belt is also different it is on the outside of the main bearing so is very easy to replace.
    The gas strut mountings are behind the bed.

    Kind regards,


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    Here is the software for the lathe.

    Manual to follow later.

    Manual here.
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    John S -

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    Hello John S,

    Thank you for the software and the manual I will play nicely and see if I can get it up and running.

    Thanks again,

    Kind regards,


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