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    Hi Smithy50,
    I can move the lathe even when it isn't connected to the software but the spindle will not run.
    The bad rate you used is the same as mine 9600,n,7,1 Xon/Xoff.
    I will send you some more info when it is typed up.
    I think the conect software was set up for com2 but you can set it to any port from 1 to 4.
    Where are you based?

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    Hi Smithy50,
    Another point.
    When the conect software is running press F6 the screen should change to machine mode.
    If it asks for a password the press ALT P and enter conectl.
    Click on MACHINE the click Machine Control.
    If the serial port is correct then ON will appear if not then an error message will appear.

    The options file in DOSbox needs the following in the serial port dialogue.

    serial1=directserial realport:com1
    Note: put the com number you wish to use mine was com1 only change the data after the : e.g. :com 2, :com3

    My machine (lathe) beeps when the power is switched on and I believe it also sends a signal to the PC.

    USB to serial ports are notorious for requiring the right driver version some will only work with older drivers.

    I made a loopback connector and used a terminal programme to make sure it was working OK.

    Hope this helps.

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    x-rayman thanks again for your two responses.

    FYI I'm in West Yorkshire.

    If I switch the lathe on, the cooling fan starts, but no beep.

    I used the F6 key to enter Machine Mode. I also pressed ALT + P and entered 'conectl' password, which it appeared to accept OK. I did at one point get an 'on' response next to 'Machine Control' in the menu, but the programme became unresponsive after that. I tried a few times with the same result.

    I used serial1=directserial realport:com1 in my DOSbox config file, but didn't get far and hence why I used the old Win98 laptop with a serial port.

    The USB - Serial cable I used is a UGreen model using the Prolific PL2303 Chipset and it appears to be recognised OK by Windows 10, although I haven't specifically tested it.

    I won't get a chance to investigate further until Sunday.

    Thanks Again

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    Hi Smithy50,
    I struggled for quite a while before I got there.
    I suppose your machine could use a different Baud rate.
    When I was setting mine up I used windows 98 and a terminal programme to check the machine.
    I found that you could send the G Code spindle on off codes to the machine M03 spindle on M05 spindle off.
    I managed to find a few terminal programmes as freeware but the on that is in Windows is OK.
    The beep on may machine seem to be connected to some form of safety circuit as it also beeps when you hit the emergency stop.
    When you operate the ON/OFF switch the fan come on and some larger relays operate.
    I used to live in West Yorkshire until they moved the boundary in the 70's Greater Manchester now.
    Best of luck.

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    Hi x-rayman,

    I started from scratch using the Win98 laptop with serial port and installed Ver2.7 of the conectl software. Pressing F6, then entering the Machine Menu and selecting Machine Control. 'On' appears immediately to the right of Machine Control in the menu, but nothing else happens and the software becomes unresponsive. Because the 'on' appears, I'm sure that the lathe control board is initially communicating with the laptop.

    When I operate the main ON/OFF switch on the control panel and the fan comes on, but no relays operate. There are two large Schrack BRL 205024 relays and, having done a quick wire trace, it looks like one connects live to the spindle motor control board; and the other connects +35V DC & Ground to the slide carriage and feed screw stepper motors. These relays clearly need to operate before anything will happen, so I need to identify why they are not operating.

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    Hi Smithy50,
    I have just been in my workshop and turned the lathe on the relay that comes on appears to be part of the ON/OFF rocker switch.
    If you the operate the rocker switch no other relays operate but the machine beeps.
    When the pains is disconnected the rocker switch unlatches and turns off.
    So I think there must be a solenoid in the switch.
    Unfortunately after I got mine working I moved the machine against a wall so its now very difficult to get in the back unless I have to.
    I got mine working with the back opened so that I could check things out before I moved it.
    Everything looks original but I suspect it has had some modifications as the beep comes from an added die cast box in the back of the machine.
    The safety switch on the lid and the emergency stop button are also wired into this box.
    I tried all the versions of the software but they all had slight variations but they all seemed to work.
    One is not password protected but does not seem to have the design part of the programme.
    I have tried to locate the schematics for the machine with no success and I suspect they disappeared when conect closed down.
    If we are not to far apart we could meet up and exchange ideas PM me if you wish to do that.

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    I got a Cadet Plus with EaziCNC3 including license and interface card (cost for this card was 192).

    I will replace the electronics and don't need it anymore.


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