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    Not sure if this is the right place for general questions, but I have recently bought one of these lathes, which is based on the Myford ML10. I'm trying to find a copy of the user manual for this lathe. Specifically I'm trying to find the maximum spindle speed (as I'm not sure if it is the ML10 or the Speed 10 headstock - is there a way to tell?).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can't find the Conect book at the moment but the speed 10 was good for 2,000 revs and had a serial number that started VS or VSL if the long bed.
    No forced to follow any ML10 format though as they threw away a lot of the standard ML10 fittings and put their own on, so pulleys could be special to the Conect.
    John S -

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    The ML10 had a plain bearing spindle with oil cups, wheras the Speed 10 used taper bearings with grease nipples. lathes explains the differences on the myford pages.

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    No, only the very early ML10 had plain bearings, later ones went on to standard bearings with a limit of 1450 revs and then the Speed 10 came out but the headstock was the same as the middle model. Why the difference between 1450 and 2,000 was never made clear other than pulley ratios.

    Conect bought a complete ML10 and converted it, they wanted to buy a stripped down lathe from Myford but Myford would not sell them one so they threw away many parts and put their own on.
    I do have books on the lathe and mill but can't lay my hands on them at the moment, I will look later.
    John S -

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    Have you tried lathes for information?

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    Problem was once Conect had finished with it, it was no longer a ML10, just donor machine parts.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As you can see they used none of the countershaft parts or even spindle pulleys, just one speed under VFD control so most of the Myford documentation is null and void.

    [EDIT] Think I might know where the manual is now
    John S -

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    I never knew the standard ML10 changed to taper bearings. I always thought it was only the speed10.

    I do know my conect is capable of about 2100rpm using the original motor and belt/pulleys, but would have to check the bed number to see what model it originally was.
    I also have a copy of the Myford manual pages for adjusting the headstock bearings, if you need it.

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    OK found the manual but it's not a lot of good.
    It's basically a programming manual and has no machine content like centre hight speeds etc.
    only things I can glean is a reference to max fed rate of 2,000mm/min and the only speed reference are the figures S1200 and S2100 in two samples of code.
    Ironic that that matches m-c's post above.
    John S -

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    Lives in Bedford, United Kingdom. Last Activity: 05-08-2016 Has been a member for 5-6 years. Has a total post count of 22.
    Helpful responses everyone, thank you. I think that answers my question: 2100rpm max spindle speed.

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    You can go higher. The belt speed plate for the Speed 10, shows 2400rpm when running on 60Hz, and I'm sure the bearings are capable of at least 3-4000rpm, however I've lost my notes of what size they are to check.

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