Got a strange bug, its been reported before (green screen issue) but it seems to have come back, at least for me...

Here's a screen shot:

Attachment 6643

As you can see, some elements are in a lurid shade of lime green... the same lime green as the Donate list item... while everything else on the page has its color defined by the CSS, this has its colour hard coded in the HTML...as lime... all the elements affected have their color defined as 'inherit'.

<LI id=vsapaypal_donlink><A href="misc.php?do=donate" rel=nofollow><SPAN style="COLOR: lime">Donate<SPAN></A>  rel="nofollow">
If I go in with IE8 dev tools and change 'lime' to 'red' I get an attack of the 'reddies' lol

Click image for larger version. 

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