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    thankyou for entering in my post

    I'musing this 80mm mill on the picture below to do an unusual roughing out on an internal profile on cast iron, along Z axis, machining from the top to the bottom leaving an undulate surface.
    The reason why we are using this method is because the machine is not powerful enough and if we use a normal profile mill the machine stops

    CouldI do with this mill also a milling on a flat face?

    any suggestion according this matter will be very appreciated

    Thank you in advance for your help
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    These cutters look like they have been made wrong due to the geometry of the teeth. However I use one similar to this with 5 teeth to machine 304 Stainless steel at 0.5 depth of cut and 5 metres per minute feed ( Can't remember the RPM off the top of my head at the moment) but can let you know on Tuesday when I get back to work. I am fishing tomorrow.

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    thank you Peter

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