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    Never I say I didn't give you blood, sweat and tears.

    Gashed my head open crawling in and out of the midget basement but managed to work out some of it.

    The second 30Amp provides power to the upstairs hall and three bedrooms. I can discount the hall and two bedrooms for various reasons. The main bedroom has an aquarium running 24/7, and provides the socket for the washing machine in the adjacent bathroom. Iron is also here. Hoovering happens, but not often enough

    I've got some guestimates in the 1.5-2 Amps range for the aquarium, 8-12.5 Amps for the washing machine. I've gone through and added up a list of things that might happen at from that list. As long as we don't use the washing machine and iron at the same time we should have 12 Amps. If we make sure we don't use the hoover as well, that brings us to 18 Amps spare.

    As long as that list provides a decent estimate, I'd say that our realistic max "casual" use on that ring without the washing machine is about 4.5 Amps, going up to about 11-12 if hoovering or ironing. As long as we coordinate to avoid using the washing machine at the same time, I think it's the 13Amp socket that will be the limiting factor.

    I still like the idea of getting it all sorted properly though.

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    10/10 for effort.!

    Your sorted then with 30A and just leave the washing machine off for good measure.

    The dedicated ring is ideal for safety sake and piece of mind but so long has the wirings in good order you'll be ok.

    Thou i2i is right a sparky will want to change the consumer unit at a minimum.? Must admit thou they are good when things go tits up.!

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    After wrestling with those bloody fuses with a torch clamped between my teeth, blooding dribbling down my forehead and a big scary spider looking at me like I was dinner... yeah I don't mind swapping out to one of those new ones with little flicky switches

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue View Post
    a big scary spider looking at me like I was dinner...
    Got one in my bathroom big has a sponge.! . . . Been having baths at my sisters for weeks I dearn't check if it's eaten my son or not yet.? . . Hope so. .

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    If you get a spark in then he or she will probably recommend a CU change but you dont have to do it. As long as the board complied when it was fitted then it doesnt need to be changed. They might check over things like earth cabling and bonding and see if it meets current requirements. Depending on what size of cable your spur is wired in you could easily pull full load through two sockets if its a twin socket. You would only be limited to around 13amps if it is connected to a 13amp fused spur. Its been a while since I did any real electrical work but a bit of 30Amp fuse wire will happily run at over 30amps for quite a while without blowing.

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    Got some of that flat grey 6mm for another project, then realised I didn't have any clippy thingies that would cut through the flippin' stuff! Somehow I did it in the past but I've got no idea how?

    Edited to add: apart from the obvious "because you had a tool that did it but now you've lost it" :D

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    Run the spur wiring thru the fish tank, that should keep it cool and allow you to go up to a 20 amp fuse.
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Run the spur wiring thru the fish tank, that should keep it cool and allow you to go up to a 20 amp fuse.
    I'm already wondering when the whole place will end up falling into the fishtank as it is! The maximum loading for the floor is one of the many reasons why I'm not going to use concrete-filled bases

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    You could always save some amps and weight in attic by using the fish tank pump and water for cooling the spindle.? Sure Nemo and his mates won't mind.! . . . Then when it's time for water change then use it for flood cooling. . Lol

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    Now that's thinking!

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