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    My build is swallowing too much dosh, so thought I would pass this on....

    I'm not sure to what extent these bits can be used in CNC colletts, but this looks a great buy to me:

    66 Piece TCT Router Cutter Set for 120 : https://www.rutlands.co.uk/cgi-bin/p....cgi?promo=103


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    Quote Originally Posted by chip View Post
    with the cnc you,ll only use some of the two rows of that set,,you,ll only need straight cutters.ballnose, and v cutters of varying sizes.
    Yeah - in a way the whole point of the CNC router is to avoid the need to have lots of funny shaped cutters for different jobs. Although if you do need to cut a lot of something which could be done with one of the fancy cutters it may be worth having to save time.

    If I were you I'd get some nice carbide cutters on eBay, but first get some really cheap ones to get started. For example:

    1 2 router cutter | eBay
    Toolstation > Power Tool Accessories > Router Bits

    If you've not got some of these you're missing out:
    5x 6mm Carbide CNC Router Bits Single Flute Tools 25mm | eBay
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    If you've not got some of these you're missing out:
    5x 6mm Carbide CNC Router Bits Single Flute Tools 25mm | eBay
    So can you explain how this:

    non-stick knives, smoke-free, tasteless, mute, mirror grinding process design

    is an advantage?

  4. Personally, if I had the money I would get them. As a tool-changer and proper CNC routing software (woodworking industrial grade) and you would be properly set to get a huge amount of custom work done in a right proper time and have some of the special cuts done without requiring additional axi'. Right now have way too much work on getting the machine finished with this upgrade and getting custom combs out to clients in the US.


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    Andy is that a fixed rear end bed?

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