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    Hi All
    My name is Pete
    New to the CNC world , in fact I am just starting out , I have a HPC Laser and Quite a well kitted out workshop/blaster/bandsaw/planers/stone tools and am right in to that and now I want to understand CNCs as I want one to work stone with one


  2. Hi Pete and welcome.

    I know nothing about working stone with a CNC except a) it needs a sturdy machine cos stone is hard stuff (I did watch my granite worktops being cut n polished on a big one; very noisy, very messy) and b) it needs copious amounts of water...

    I'm not aware of anyone else CNC'ing stone so it could be an interesting learning curve for us all...

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    Hi Bud
    When I get it sorted I will post up a few photys or videos But having Probs with machine supplier just now but patience is a virtue so the Mrs says

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    Hi Pete ..welcome.. I have been thinking about soft / soap stone milling .. so I'll be very interested to see how you get along.

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    Seeing somthing done with stone would be new here thats for sure, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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    Hi All
    The tooling i used on my milling machine at work and on my pillar drill at home was a diamond encrusted bit off the shelf part, and what i found was as long as the feed rate was slowed down enough and I had water continualy cooling the bit and then recycling the water back to the bit it worked very well.
    The milling machine I used at work was a Toss and an adapter fitted to take a M14 size cutter , I paid 1000 for the old Toss to use in the Quarry and a job came in for a crap load of steps for an art college and I won the Job and that scared the crap out of me as I had never tried the old engineering mill out on stone but she done the job without a problem and earned 28,0000 on her first stone job but that was working nights as well .
    As all things I suppose ,,,,,,high speed and slow feed or something like that.
    Soap stone would be a good one to start with as it is nice and soft.....BUT believe me dont use a thermalite block or any gritstone as I used to sharpen my Diamonds with grit stone on my big 2.5mtr blade and a thermalite block for the small saw (You use the gritstone and the thermalite block to wear the compound from around the Diamonds so as to expose the new Diamonds ).
    When I get up and running I will post some Photos for ya all .

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    Look forward to that Petesos. I have a small piece of soap stone i was going to turn. Milling might be interesting.

    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by motoxy View Post
    Look forward to that Petesos. I have a small piece of soap stone i was going to turn. Milling might be interesting.

    Hi Bruce
    What i was going to do was to cover the work area of the machine with a shallow plastic tray to save it running over the side of the machine and messing all the rails up. Then fix a circle of polythene or cloth over the spindle and run a fish tank pump pipe inside the cloth/polythene to cool the bit and I see no reason why a simple cnc machine could not produce results the same as in wood or aluminium.
    If this is successful then I am sure this opens a whole new realm for CNCers to do and earn some money from it as in the Quarry I charge 4 per 4inch letter any font and that is cut by hand.
    What I am aiming for is to put a photograph on stone with my laser and cut the letters with a cnc That is my plan but having big probs with supplier.

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    Its good to hear how people are developing their business. Look forward to you being successful. I take it you will need a gantry type m/c to get the size for larger work but it will, as has already been said, have to be very strong.

    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)

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    I WISH i had spoken to folk on this forum before I paid for my machine SICK

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