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    Pete tell us about your m/c. If it is the wrong one for you someone here may want it and you could get another one or beef up the one you have.
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    Hi Bud
    I dont think anyone on here would want it( even if I had it) as its a StrikeCNC machine.
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    OOps! They may have taken on board previous comments and improved the quality of their m/c's. You will get help from this board so you are at least in the right place.
    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)

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    Hi All
    Just to warn anyone of using StrikeCNC
    Strike CNC Took 4500 and over 1500 in lost work Over three months ago and all they have to show me is a simple frame of the base and now he will not even answer his Phone to me .
    What I find most disgusting is he swore to me on his children's lives that my cnc would be ready three weeks ago and now he will not answer his Phone any more.
    So I am in the process of taking this man and this company to court.
    So if anyone has any issues with this man and company that I could produce to the court and maybe get some reconpence please pm me or post it on here or if any of the members here want me to bring there experiences to the attention of the Courts let me know as I only live 5 miles from them and its not a problem for me to pop over there and drop a letter in his post box.

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    Ha ha another Strike victim why am I not surprised.?? . . . . Search the forum and you'll have plenty of evidence to show the magistrate.!

    Anyway back to cutting stone.!. . . I've cut stone on my machine which mainly cuts aluminium. Cut with a diamond encrusted bit and it was easy BUT very very messy with loads of water and slurry coming off and so for this reason I gave up has it was clear that the slurry/water mix was acting like grinding paste and would shorten machine life very quickly.

    So my advise is build very strong and design in such away that the linear components are out the way and well protected.! To me stone machines are best purpose built just for that operation.
    My friend is a stone mason and the machines he uses to cut and polish stone uses relatively slow running motor with adaptors for purpose designed tooling. This tooling tends to be quite large and often designed for purpose built spindles so it's not easy to interchange with milling or routing tooling.

    If you do build a duel purpose machine then I'd certainly look to have twin head with both types of spindle.

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    I know what you mean Jazzcnc water and silt everywhere thats why you really need to cover the tool and motor with some stiff cloth or brushes just to keep the spray to a minimum and that silt gets everywhere believe me .
    Purpose built stone machines do a really tidy job but I think they are out of my price range and the tooling is expensive. Two years ago I went to the Stone show in London at the exel centre and was quoted 30,0000 for a basic model .
    Small scale to start with and build from there is my plan.
    I wonder if anyone lost any money dealing with this company ???

    Am going to go through the posts and read up on all the gripes with Strike

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    Have a stiff drink and a hanky with you when you do. Do they have a written agreement with you as to times and quality?

    The more I know, I know, I know the less. (John Owen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by motoxy View Post
    Have a stiff drink and a hanky with you when you do. Do they have a written agreement with you as to times and quality?

    Got the drink bud and am nearly pissed and on my second box of hankies ...........Why oh Why oh Why.
    Yes they do as on there receipt for the machine it states 4 weeks build time .

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    this for me was breathtaking from scanning the 3d image to cutting the bust in stone.. I see what you mean about alot of water omg !

    3D scan and cutting on a 5 axis CNC machine - YouTube

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