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    Hi there,

    I work as an Industrial engraver/cnc operator based in Aberdeen for a large sign company, I primarily use a millgrav industrial cnc engraver with the apex controller & axyz cnc routers. I use various software such as JLS, Casmate, Artcam, Corel draw etc. Ive been in this line of work for 2 years now. I previously worked in the gaming industry for 12 years starting as a service technician working with slot machines and various other gaming equipment.

    I have a few hobbies planned and wanted to gather some knowledge on what route to go in with CNC as a hobby, various pieces of equipment, techniques etc which is why I joined this site.

    When ive had a good look around ill share the details of what I wish to acomplish with my hobbies and maybe get some tips on what equipment/builds I should be looking at.



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    Hi Nightrunner .. more like I will be getting help from you lol ..welcome :)

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    Always happy to help where I can.

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    Hello and Welcome to the forum James.


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