1. Bandsaw is driving me bonkers. If I set the hydraulics to crawl it eventually cuts, if I do anything else the blade comes off. I have adjusted until I am blue in the mouth. It has to go.

    I want to cut up to 6" aluminium and steel bar and tube and cut it squarely, preferably with a blade that can't come off.

    What do I search for? Very hard to find what you want if you don't know what it's called. Does it even exist?

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    Cold cut chop saw would do, but it'll cost you for something capable of 6", and blades even more expensive!

    Investing in a decent bandsaw, or figuring out why the blades keep coming of would be a far cheaper investment.

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    Looks remarkably like the one I have but with a swivel on the blade rather than on the vice

  5. I can adust the downward force using the big big spring at the back, the blade tension, the ball bearing blade guides (in out, up down and twist), the speed using a stepped pulley, the cant on the idler wheel and the feed rate on the damper piston. Two hours faffing around with it yesterday trying to cut 3 x 3/4 aluminium bar, even tried a new blade at 25 a pop. It goes so far then the blade jambs and pops off the driven wheel. It's driving me spotty.


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