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    Not quite sure where you shop Joe but it cost me about 30 squid for the ally & bearings for all 3 axis on a 4' x 2' MDF machine. For what you spent on your rails I bought everything needed to build the machine & had enough change for a fish supper or two. Excluding the electronics of course which pushed the cost of the machine through the roof by comparison.

    Depends what you want to do with it really but the total cost of the machine worked out to about £600. I know a guy that has been using one for about 9 months now & thinks it's great, does everything he needs it to without problems. OK it's not used on a regular basis & it's not used for any heavy cutting which would be beyond it's capabilities but it's OK for what he needs.

    Only reason I changed my mind was because I wanted to be able to cut materials that the MDF machine wouldn't be able to cope with.
    Fair played and he has a machine which is more than I can say for now. Just glad I looked on here before I started building in mdf...

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    Yer I'm not saying your wrong, in fact I did the same as you only got a lot further before I found the forum. I am finishing the machine off now as I have been told by people on here that it would be best to do that now, just had to make sure the electronics I bought could be migrated to another build when I found out the MDF machine couldn't do half the things I want it to. lol

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