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    Hi, came across this tonight during my software trawling and thought .. now that’s interesting and cheap.. and I like cheap, I like free better though . Anyway the softwares free you can get it from here user_manual:getting_started [DAVID-Wiki]

    And here’s a few images they did


    They look fully rendered and this is a video to show how simple it is

    I might have a bash at making a rotating bed and up and down scanner, could be great for making 3d object code.

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    As soon as I seen the title, I figured what this would be about!
    It certainly looks like you can achieve good results with it.

    I've got a couple things I'd like to model, but they're firmly on the roundtuit list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fivetide View Post
    . Anyway the softwares free
    It is in limited trial ware. 329 for full fat:

    DAVID 3D Scanner - Buy

    Laser scanning isn`t quite as simple as aome of the demos might suggest.

    Kinect scanning looks like it might have some mileage, free for non commercial use

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