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    Quote Originally Posted by wilfy View Post
    are these 100% the only steppers suitable for my machine??

    and these the only option for drivers to suit them??
    No, but they're the best value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    No, but they're the best value.
    ok so why is it there are only a select few selling them if they are that good for the money?

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    There are zillions of people selling them, they just like to put their own number on so you have go to them for replacements.

    Not 100% sure but I think these are the manufacturers:

    Stepper motor|Stepping gearmotor wholesale|Stepping motor supplier

    If you are thinking about buying one of their kits there are a few posts on cnczone moaning about how under powered the PSU is, might want to take that into consideration.

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    you ordered that metal yet wilfy?

    patiently waiting for some more build threads to read ....

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    believe me if i started this machine right now my mrs would lynch me.

    i've got a bubble tube to finish which i am waiting on a pump to arrive from germany to finish off. i've also got to re-build the cabinet for the front room, now both of these HAVE to be done before i do anything else.

    i also want to get my homebrew on the go which needs a circuit building for temperature control, which i have yet to even design, plus it then needs an enclosure. i would like to do this before i start work on the machine.

    so as it stands i think i'm happy with my design but i need to clear some stuff out of the garage before i start it, gonna have a good push this weekend to get at least one thing done.

    i should have got some of it done over christmas but being ill and one of my lads being ill didnt help and more importantly i had no money left over to buy stuff with

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    Wilfy, give Ainscough a try for box section they are down on Warrington Road. In fact if you give me a list of what you want i can call in tomoz morning for you as i walk past everyday on the school run.


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    hey u bumped my thread lol... erm re: the steel i'm just holding back a bit at the moment, i'm going back to work full time in a few weeks so i'm hoping to get some pennies in the bank to pay for it.. the new van kinda ruined any chance of starting the cnc just now.

    and with regards to ainscough, i thought they only did reclaimed stuff??
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    Not sure mate there website says they do box section, they list it as "Std, Clean or s/rusty" so was going to give them a try for myself at some point.


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    Ok well when you speak to them let me know what you find out. I'm in no massive rush to buy mine just yet. There is a local company that I think I've linked earlier in the thread that I thought was quite cheap

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    Ok will do, same here.

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