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    If Rapid carried the Wago blocks I'd go for it. They have the push-wire kit but I've not really heard anything about it. From your experience is it a decent connection? For some reason "push to fit" sounds a bit... weak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue View Post
    From your experience is it a decent connection?
    When I got them in the post the first thing I tried was push the wire in and see how easy it was to take it out again. Trust me it wasn't easy to get it out, even using the removal technique given. The mechanism inside really does grip it hard.

    Personally I would only use it on solid core wires, for the strand ones I'd use the level type connectors. Even these are very solid. A sparky mate of mine uses them all the time in residential and commercial lighting circuits. That's where I found out about them.

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    Iwant1, if you want to use stranded wires in the push lock terminals, get some straight pin crimps.
    We've got some cranes at work that use them for the main control unit, and we never have any problems with the wiring at the control units.

    Rogue, I think I know the terminals you're on about.
    DIN rail mounted, with several screw terminals per section/slice?

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    Nope, not DIN mounted. They looked just like the "chocolate blocks" except they had a central metal strip connecting all the terminals (both sides - the whole block was a common connection). Great for securing with a few splodges of hot glue!

    Edited to add: unless it was a very tiny DIN rail, or memory has made them shrink. I remember having to hold them up to the light to check I wasn't using the single-pole versions by mistake so they must have looked quite similar.

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