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    I'm running (or going to run) 2 motors on my longest axis. I also have 2 drivers. How should I connect the two drivers to the breakout board?

    Should I run each driver as a completely separate axis, or should I run each driver from the same axis on the breakout board. I believe each driver has some series resistance at the input so it should be okay to parallel them I guess on the same breakout board axis.


  2. You can do it either way... Mach3 can slave two axis together, or drive both drivers from one BOB output. If you do the latter and the drivers have opto-isolated inputs you need to be sure the BOB can drive two inputs. Its unlikely it can't. What BOB & drivers are they and I'll check it.

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    Hi Irving, I've got a HG07 BOB from CNC 4 U and the parallel drivers are CW8060. I'll just slave the axis in Mach3 to be certain it doesn't upset the hardware, I have enough outputs from the BOB.

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