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    Anyone got any spare? PM me a price. Popped a driver this morning....everytime I fix a problem a new one comes around :)

    Thanks, Phil

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    Need 2-3, just killed another, think my X-axis stepper is faulty. It moved a bit then pop and wisp of smoke :(

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    Cheap as chips (pun intended) here 3PCS Original NEW TB6560AHQ TB6560 TOSHIBA IC IC's | eBay if you're not in a rush else TB6560HQ | eBay

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    Cheers, ordered some last night but wanted a couple to get going, need to know why that axis has killed 2 drivers :)

    Thanks for the help!

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    What voltage were you running them on?
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    This may be a sign of things to come, i doubt this is a one off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    What voltage were you running them on?

    They are running at 24.0v(exactly). I'll give you the whole story to see if you can pinpoint anything.

    The control box is the one that comes with the 3040, never had a problem until it was in storage while I moved. I unpacked it one day, set it up, hit the switch and poof, blue smoke was escaping from the breakout board. One of the buffers had popped so I assumed the breakout was gone and bought a new one. After a lot of tracing I figured out which wire went where and hooked up the Y axis. Success! It moved both ways and much smoother than before so I hooked up the Z axis and again it worked better than ever. Then came the X axis, after hooking it up the motor moved briefly then stopped. I assumed it was the wiring so I ran new wiring between breakout and driver and it was the same. I then moved the Y axis driver and plugged it into the X axis wiring and poof, more smoke. The motor moved about 100mm before killing the driver.

    Is this a motor fault, it sounded ok for the brief moment it moved, or is it more likely to be damaged wiring between motor and driver?

    Thanks for any help, Phil

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    Is there a simple way to test the stepper motor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philly View Post
    Is there a simple way to test the stepper motor?
    It depends what's wrong with it, but there's a few things you can try with basic tools to get a limited amount of information:

    • If you've got a multimeter you can check that the resistance of each phase is close to the value specified in the datasheet.
    • Check that there are no short circuits to the housing or between the phases.
    • Try disconnecting it from the driver then short circuiting each phase individually and it should get significantly harder to turn.
    • Try turning the motor not connected to anything and you should be able to just feel the steps, but still quite smooth. Probably best to compare it to one of the other motore assuming they're the same.
    • If you've got a current limited power supply you could set it to the rated phase current and check that the motor draws that current at the right voltage and doesn't breakdown as it heats up or something.

    When you try the new ICs, switch it on then monitor the temperature of them. If it gets hot switch off straight away and you'll probably save it...

    Best option, as I'm sure you'll have heard by now, is to just get a few of these, or a higher voltage one depending on the motors:
    CNC Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Driver 2M542 Bi-polar 2phase 4.2A Switch | eBay

    That's just the first I found, other sellers are available and there may be cheaper ones...
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    I will end up getting some soon, but been made redundant and money is low. But I have a couple of paying jobs lined up....bloody catch 22 :D

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