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    jonathan if you want i can start a building log now if thats what is best
    Personally I wouldn't start a build log until you have looked around and settled on a design that you feel will meet your needs and done plenty of research being completely honest with your self regards your skills and ability's.? . . . Starting a build log before design is settled doesn't always help and infact can confuse or cloud the mind even more than when researching.

    Too many variables to building a DIY cnc machine and others will always have there own opinions of what's best or better and if your undecided on the design then before you know it's changed beyond all recognition and not always for the better.? . . . Often wasting money because you have started going in a particular direction only to be side tracked by someone more experienced like Jonathan or ME spotting potential errors or others who arn't experienced just tossing in curved balls, not particularly with any malice but there and confusing all the same.!!

    Much better route is to view other builds, find design you like (Preferably one doing a similar job to what you intend) and feel could achieve given your ability's or resources etc.
    Ask the builder questions directly regards any flaws or improvements, you'll find 99% of machines can be improved.
    Take the time to break down and find out how the components which make up the machine work individually and together, if you don't understand then post individual questions asking about each untill you do.!! . . . . We will never laugh or think that's a DUM question.? 99.99999% guarantee they've been asked already or I've thought them already.!!

    Then start a build log with DESIGN & COMPONENT SPECS first put up for review so it can be checked out.!!!!. . . and here's the MOST IMPORTANT BIT.!! ### BEFORE### you buy a single Piece or part to build it.!!
    Hopefully if you do the above there will be very little wrong has you'll have found a good design and researched and more importantly understand what's required.! . . The only thing left to do will be build the bloody thing which will go sweet because you'll know exactly the route your going down and what it's being made from.!!. . . . Simplizzzz

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    Jazz some good advice there, something like that as a sticky would probably help a lot of people who are new to all this (would have helped me).
    Think you also need to look at what tooling is available to you as well as what skills & ability's you have because this can be a factor as well, I went down the wooden machine road basically because it was cheap & because I had all the tools required to manufacture the machine already, maybe not the right way to approach it but if you are new & don't know any better what can you do.

    Sorry blackbirds not trying to hijack your thread but being new to all this as well I am learning all the time to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    ... Take the time to break down and find out how the components which make up the machine work individually and together....
    Shortly before sparrow fart this morning... forgot to go to bed/sleep... I stumbled upon a series of YouTube videos that I am so far finding pretty good. The series is titled "Homemade DIY CNC Series" and is by "radioshack7" and Episode 1 is at this link Homemade DIY CNC Series - Intro to Linear Rails - - Episode 1 - YouTube

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