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    Hi guys
    Am looking for a cnc router cutting area of at least 900mm x 1600mm x 150mm am a bit flexible with these measurements
    I am going to use this machine mainly with wood,plastic,softmetals and acrylic.
    Iam going to be specislising in machining 3D models, engraving, cutting and making 3D external signs.
    I have a badget of between 2000 -2500 pounds.

    I have seen a 4 axis cnc router on ebay model CX6015CNC does any one no about this machine, its advantages and disadvantages.
    Its made from chine and i have seen alot of negative comments about chine's cnc routers any advise will be highly appreciated.

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    Glad to know you are interested in cnc routers.

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    Do u export these machines from china to uk?
    Do you have a branch or distributor in uk?
    Is The machine cost plus it's exportation to the uk be covered with 2500
    If yes how long will it take from china to reach uk?
    Send me a detailed discription of the machine

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    we export about 400 sets to India and Turkey. never to UK so far.
    can your tell me your nearest seaport? so i can confirm shipping cost with couriers.
    it takes 35 days to UK by sea.
    please add me skype or msn. so we can discuss and send you details online.
    skype: wangitech msn:wangitech@hotmail.com

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    A word of warning about importing. If you look around this site you will find threads on this and it can become expensive when you add in dutys, tax and agents fees etc. Make sure you have all the costs and information first.


    Try these links to start with


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  6. I would add that importing a device thats never been imported into the UK before, and therefore has no local support, plus, from reading your other posts, having little or no experience of CNC or engineering, means you are going to be on a steep, painful and probably expensive learning curve. I do feel that you are trying to run before you have learnt to walk.

    Before buying a machine have you considered what you want to do with it and how you are going to do that. What software are you going to use, what is the design and manufacture process you are going to follow and can you actually do all that. Can you even generate a sample G-code file of your own rather than someone else's canned example? Do you know how you are going to connect your design software toolchain to the machine? Most of these commercial machine have their own proprietary controllers and software. Will you be able to get support on that?

    Even when you have sorted all that, what happens when the machine breaks? Who are you going to call? With no engineering experience or intimate knowledge of the machine how are you going to diagnose the problem?

    Forgive me if I sound negative, thats not my purpose, but buying a CNC machine isn't like buying a car. You can't just say it needs to be this big, this fast and this colour. You need to have done a lot of homework and have a deep understanding of what you need and how you are going to apply it before you can assess whether a machine meets your needs or is even going to work for you. While forums like this can help and educate, they cannot do it for you.

    Building your own simple, small, machine, or buying something small and cheap as a learning tool will allow you to be sure the process works for you and also help understand what you really need.

    Or why not see if you can get some time on someone else's machine. Do all the design work, get a cut file ready and go try it out. I'm sure there's someone who could give you an hour or so on their machine.

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