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    Vac - clamp looks interesting and cheap what do you think? This is from the US , thing is I tried to buy one but theres no option in the checkout for the UK etc, so I have mailed them. Anyone know if there’s a UK retailer for this? I have a vacuum pump already and I can use my chamber as a reservoir, could be a nice way of holding things on my bed.

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    Make it yourself. Blackburn mark here did something similar:

    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

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    This sort of thing is available on e-bay as i saw one a couple of week ago, think it went for about 40ish quid made in Europe i think so no customs charges, they usually start from 99pence so you could get a bargain if your lucky, they've been on there for @ least 12 month,will check my watched items and see if i still have it saved.

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    Sorry must have deleted it there is a Trend jobby
    Trend Minimach Vacuum Pad | eBay

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