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    Hello all,
    Trying to clear my shelfs of the things that have been there for a while without use... So,

    For sale:
    PSU PS705, original box, as new, never been used. Was bought by mistake - I needed the lower voltage model. 25 + postage.

    Also, 16mm Ballscrew with single nut. Total length 340mm, usable thread length 230mm. Originally bought for a Z axis which I later bought completely made from a friend. 40 + postage.

    Both are bargains if you ask me :). Not sure how much postage would be, but shouldn't be more than about 5. Please let me know if you are interested,
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    PM sent for PSU.
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    PSU sold to Mr Jonathan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    PM sent for PSU.
    If he could sniff out gold like he can sniff out bargains he'd be a very rich man lol :)

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    I will take that ballscrew if it's still on offer. PM sent.

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    All gone! Thanks for looking everyone.


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