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    hi folks,
    due to real life stepping in and other hobbies playing their part its been a while since my introductory post. during said post it become rapidly apparent that i needed to know something about software, so over the last couple of months i have had a play with autocad. i was over joyed with my first design but then i read a post on here saying that splines was a no no
    i have made a few other small designs since none with curves so i still need to learn how to make curves with lines and not splines but i am getting an idea of how the software works.

    anyway this has nothing to do with a build log does it LOL. i have not designed a machine and still have know idea where to start. like it has been said in many other threads it is very confusing for a noobie. i did consider just asking if someone could build one for me but again i wouldn't know who to trust plus it would also drive the price up. so back to the self build it is then! i thought i would put it out to you guys as to the work the machine would be doing and my budget and when you have stopped laughing you can give me your advice and guidance.

    lets start with the budget ! hopefully i can get what i want for around 1500 if not cheaper. i was looking at one of the ebay machines for this price but after reading some of the comments on here i can apparently build a better machine for that price.

    the router would be used mainly for cutting plastic and with a bit of luck the occasional small aluminium part. the aluminium cutting side of it is not important but it would be nice. i would need a cutting area of 340mm x 470mm i am not sure about the depth of cut as i would like a 4th axis at some point in the future and i don't know the dimension of the 4th axis chucks. the work piece would be about 75mm in diameter if that's any help. if it could be built with all the electrics setup for the 4 axis then i wouldn't need to update that at a later date.

    so over to you guys what do you recommend or should i go back to ebay

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    managed to have a play with sketchup WOW what a piece of software. with thanks to kingcreaky and his file in this thread and other kind people who have uploaded files i managed to create 'something' that resembles the router i have in my head. if you guys could have a look at it and let me know if i am on the right track it would be appreciated it is not to scale but if i am on the right track i will start to work out measurements

    couldn't attach file so here is download link my cnc.skb - - online file sharing and storage - download

  3. you need to zip it to attach it. Unfortunately the file hosting you have chosen requires you to sign up and I for one have more than enough junk mail. You might get more response if you upload it here... or in SketchUp File->Export->2D Graphic and export the drawing in png or jpg format and upload that here

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    you shouldn't have to login
    i will zip tomorrow as its bed time now

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    4share has obviously changed their sharing policy
    anyway here it is in zip format
    Attached Files Attached Files

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jed Clampit View Post
    4share has obviously changed their sharing policy
    anyway here it is in zip format
    Couple of thoughts...

    That X screw looks heavy... what size is it meant to be? Also with the stepper inside the frame you've limited X travel - Is that what you intended? I also noted the misalignment of the screw on the rear bearing but thats just a drawing issue.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    well like i say nothing is to scale i just want to make sure the basic design will work. i don't know where to start when it comes to screws and motors so i thought i would get the frame work done first (if it passes inspection lol) then move onto the next step

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