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    Last time i bent my end and slung my balls out she gave me such a slap
    The trick is to get your balls in the right hole mate. . .

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    Garden full of snow, baltic weather. But not in my workshop ;)
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    properly cosy.

    Right, quick update then.

    Ordered replacement ballnut from Chai, aswell as four ballscrew blocks... Im also now waiting on more bandsaw blades.

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    not quite sure where im going to put the Y stepper... should of perservered with drawings.. but too impatient.

    seperately, i have been given literally 2 tons of metal off-cuts. Its mainly 4mm and 5mm plate but some 3mm. all funny sizes but cut with machinery so all square. I think its galvanised?

    anyway ive got far too much, and it was free so If anybody here needs any, come collect it. (leicester) The photo doesnt do how much ive got justice my estate car was on its arches with three loads. There is loads.

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  3. I have been looking for some scrap metal to practice welding but I guess galv isn't ideal? Not sure? I begged some scrap from a local fabby but have nearly run out...if it's suitable for arc welding practice I'd gladly take some off your hands!!

  4. Love the burner btw !

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    Machine looks good too. G

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    so.... you guys always talk about planning planning planning... well ive made a big mistake

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    the ballscrew nut housing, that are bought paid for and on their way from china... are 86mm wide

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    WHAT a sausage.... I dont have that much space!!!

    what am I going to do?

    this is compounded by the fact ive ordered 4 of them, 2 for the x, 1 for y and 1 for z

    Z dont fit

    and guess what

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    so, when you've finished laughing... and can think of some constructive ideas... let me know

    Plucked up the courage to finish the Y though...

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    If you've got the ballnut mounts from Chai they'll look nothing like the diagram he's sent you. They'll just be a steel block which you may be able to thin down the 86mm to less than 60mm. I dont have access to mine from Chai at the moment to get exact measurements but would say its deffo possible.

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    You can probably just saw off the two flanges then drill and tap some holes in the bottom, then it'll be 52mm wide.

    Here's some I made earlier...I've got one left if that's any use to you? I just copied the dimensions of the ones on eBay.

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    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

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    I would try and mod the ones you have, but failing that this is a link to the mounts that I mentioned to you on Sunday.
    Ball nut mount for 1605, 1610 ballscrew, free shipping to any country! | eBay


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    so, after sitting about feeling sorry for myself.. Ive made atleast a temporary measure... not sure if its good enough for the stresses of milling ali... but will be good enough for now I hope.

    fortunately ive got that old ballnut... the one I broke previously... useful...

    so; heres the plan

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    cut the circle out with the band saw (roughly). so it will go in my three jaw lathe chuck.

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    bore the center out with lathe
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    then get cutting and tapping...

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    seems to work... (Jonathon... if you need any help with your 'engineering' give me a shout

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