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    so, its all now going. Im working out bits as I go along slowly but surely.

    So Im milling my mdf spoil board flat so, the machine is going
    etc etc

    side to side stepping back 2 on every pass

    now.. if I press STOP in mach3... the machine abruptly comes to a stop. I press goto Z and I suspect the Y has slipped a little? Its more noticeable if I start the program again... the pocket its milling out of my spoilboard seems to have moved over slightly?

    does this make sense to anybody?


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    are you pressing the stop button you numpty instead of the pause?

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    yes. what a sausage

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    Always press FEED HOLD other wise your 99% sure to lose position if travelling at any reasonable feed rate.

    Just be aware that FEED HOLD doesn't always stop instantly and will depend on the code and the LOOK AHEAD setting in Mach to how long it takes.

  5. Creaky - i'm researching gantry's at the moment while trying to design mine...could you possibly post a picture showing how you mounted the Y-axis motor to the back of your gantry?

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