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    Hi Guys,

    I'm probably being either, old, blind or thicker than a whale omelete, but does anyone know where the earth connection on the PS806-5 power supply is?

    There doesn't seem to be a terminal for it, so I'm assuming its the cebtral nut on the big coil?

    Would rather not find out via experimentation though ;-)



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    I've assumed there isnt one as I cant find the terminal either.

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    The case should be earthed - you can check it.
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    There is no case just a pcb. I'll attach a photo tomorrow.

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    Sorry I got mixed up, I was thinking it was a SMPS.

    Connect the earth wire from the mains to the control box case and connect just one end of the bolt to the same point. If you connect both ends of the bolt through the transformer that creates a single turn winding on the transfomer, which will have a very high current induced in it and break things, so be careful not to do that...
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    Thanks. I spotted last night that the schematic on the website showed an earth point on the centre. I've earthed my case as you say, now I can attach the psu to that safely, thanks Jonathan.

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    Hi Guys,

    I had forgotten I'd posted this question and had it addressed in another thread (my build log iirc).

    I spoke to Gary at Zapp about it and he says there is no earth from the PSU.

    The case which houses the PSU is earthed however so if there are any current leaks for whatever reason fromt he PSU they should be safely carried away.



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