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    I bought a ballscrew off here and when it arrived (in perfect condition) I spotted the thread on the end was M12 x 1.0mm. Never even knew there was such a thread until I saw this one and I knew I wasn't going to find a nut for it - or so I thought....

    I had to visit a shop in London to replace a couple of sheared fasteners on a machine at work and I off-handedly mentioned that I was looking for these fine thread nuts, and the guy disappeared out back and returned to with two M12 x 1.0 plain nuts, much to my amazement.

    So, if you're looking for an odd-ball size nut, bolt or screw, or need these M12 fine thread nuts for ballscrews give them a try - he said he keeps all fine sizes down to M6.

    Clerkenwell screws, 109 Clerkenwell Rd, London

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    Funny enough I need 2 of them as well Peter so that was a good find. We use to have an ironmongers close by that sold just about anything you could think of but the guy shut the shop down when he retired. Tried another couple of local places but no joy. Did find a couple of places on the internet that had them but will give your place a call on Monday just to check.

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    There's a shop near me in Loughborough which sells all sorts of fasteners - I've had M12x1mm from then. It's called Charnwood Fasteners...
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  4. I know Clerkenwell Screws well, ride past them every day on way to/from work... Only been in there 2 or 3 times but not been disappointed yet...

    Metric series Fine (as opposed to the more common 1.75mm Coarse) isn't that hard to find on eBay or other stockists online ... but be careful Fine can mean 1, 1.25 or 1.5mm pitch for an M12...

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    I know Clerkenwell Screws well (I used to work about 400m away) & cannot think of any other retailer as unhappy/ungrateful to serve customers as those guys (think Fawlty Towers ...but for counter staff) .....& don't get me started on their prices! (to be fair, bricks & mortar shop selling small fastenings in a now trendy part of London - it must be tough to make the numbers stack up like they used to!)

    Completely pointless/useless associated tidbit - apparently zammo from Grange Hiill used to work there (in case you can't recall which one that was .... http://www.grangehillfans.co.uk/scho...mmomaguire.php )

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