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    Hi all, I have been lurking for a few months now and read quite a few of the build logs, I am off to the Midlands Model Exhibition tomorow Thusday and am thinking of buying a Warco Mill W16 ish to convert would this be a good choice? I now have some time on my hands and would like to learn to use a cnc. I have built a couple of reprap machines Prusa and Mendel 90. I also have a Myford lathe mls7 that I have started to convert. Any help would be appreciated. I noticed that John S has done these (WM14 /16) and it would be great to here from him before I commit. Thanks to all on the forum for the input it a great leaning curve.

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    Welcome to MYCNCUK Clive S. Please upload some pictures of the exhibition as it sounds interesting. :)

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    Thanks I did not have my camera with me so sorry no pics this time. But I did get a bit carried away and bought a WM18 Warco mill now I just need to learn how to use it. My first project is the cnc conversion on the Myford S7. I have printed out in ABS the plastic the parts that I will need to machine for the cross slide conversion that has helped me with proof of concept. If anybody has already done this conversion that would be a great help. I had better move to a build log I think!!


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