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    I've made a cnc controller based on an Arduino UNO for my cnc mill - maybe someone has some use for it:

    • Its free and open source (VB.NET 2010 / AVR Studio 6 Assembler... not exactly an Arduino project - it just uses one as convenient and inexpensive hardware platform).
    • Uses a wireless Logitech gamepad to manually control the machine from a few steps per second up to full speed.
    • Controls the VFD of my chinese spindle with just 2 resistors, 1 capacitor and 1 optocoupler...
    • Quite fast... >>70000 steps per second...
    • Some built in commands for drilling, circles, rectangles etc. with macro editor - quite nice for simple tasks that may be done without CAM program...

    More Information: Estlcam.com CAM Software


  2. Neat... I'm doing something similar with a Raspberry Pi

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    Very nice .. thanks for shareing

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