Just passing on the advice that was given to me, I had concerns about the MDF machine even though I knew someone who had built one & was using it. As I had already bought everything I needed except for the electronics, all the parts for the machine were cut & drilled plus a fair bit of the machine was built I was advised to make sure any electronics I bought could be migrated to another build so I wasn't wasting any money & then just get on & finish it. Yes it is costing me some of my time but that is all & I can afford that just now. It is also giving me time to learn more about machine construction for the second build. I can slowly buy the materials I need for the next machine & just store them away until the time is right. Once the machine is built I can then start learning how to use both the machine & the software I am unfamiliar with while I finish collecting what I need for the second build, in fact right up to the time where I need the parts lol.
I can still recycle the MDF at that stage if I find something else to use it for.

I know that won't suit everyone but it does suit me at the moment which is why I am doing it. If you decide to complete the machine don't forget that there are a lot of very knowledgeable people on this forum so don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have about completing it. Best of luck what ever you decide to do.