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  1. While looking for some good priced drives I found these guys:

    New Leadshine AM882 Stepper Drive Stepping Motor Driver 80V 8.2A with Sensorless Detection #SM414 @SD-in Motor Driver from Industry & Business on

    The price per drive & postage comes down if you buy 5 or more and works out at 54 each delivered. (not including getting stung by customs etc) The problem is I don't need 5 but I do like the idea of saving 30-40 quid a pop on the price...

    Would anybody that is planning to build a machine be interested in doing a bulk purchase with me sometime in the next couple of months? I would be happy to let one of the more established members of the site place the order if anyone has issues with handing over their pennies to the new guy.

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    i'd like to say me but i aint got a clue what drivers i need just yet, when u come closer to needing them give me a shout and i'll hopefully have got to this stage by then

  3. These are massively overpowered for what I need but apparently running the drivers well under maximum capacity is a good thing and digital drives also seem to be much, much better than the old analogue ones.

    For the price they seem worth going for unless someone is about to tell me they are terrible. :)

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    i'll be honest with you though i didnt think i was going to be spending that much if thats price per drive and i need 3 of them

  5. I'm interested, I was planning on using Leadshine digitals and any saving is most welcome. It might be a bit earlier than I planed but seems like a real good idea. Keep me in mind when you place the order.

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    Its a good price, and almost half of what I paid for mine from Zapp. But I'd rather have his support if anything went wrong with these drives, and from other threads on here, can be tricky to setup.

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    If they are genuine leadshine drives then it's a good price but as I have already said there are so many people selling clones that I would only buy from a recommended source

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    If they're genuine then I'm interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wobblycogs View Post
    If they're genuine then I'm interested.

  10. Any idea how we tell in advance if they are genuine or not?

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