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  1. Is the bed ~5" or ~7" wide? (i.e. HLV width or HLV-H width) Just wondering if the two bed designs,like the HLV's , indicate the major design change (i.e. carriage etc.)

    P.S. I notice the carriage motor has been disconnected, which does suggest a motor problem .

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    The bed is 7", which tallies with a later design change, a la' HLV / HLV-H.

    The motor was in the box with the tooling. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow.
    Although, after speaking to ZMT services, if it is a new motor, I may have to figure out a whole new way of getting power feed to the carriage.

    Do you see what I mean by too many "hang on minute" moments.

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    I've sent Hardinge an email, I'll follow it up with a phone call at some point.
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    Got the cross slide & carriage off today, definitely no indexing mechanism.
    The cross slide hand wheel is fixed to cross slide, and travel with it. No power feed to the cross slide either, not that I'm that bothered about having power feed to the cross slide, at least if there isn't one it can't be broken!
    All the painted surfaces have been stripped ready to be repainted.
    Tomorrow I'll have a closer look at the slide surfaces, they appear ok, but better to be sure.
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    intresting l like this sort thing amazing how after,you get under the grime, how well these things come back to life,almost smiling.-B

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    Checked the ways with a straight edge, everything seems to by ok.
    The surface of the cross slide stop, had a few dings in them, so I hand scraped them flat so the stops can move freely.

    I haven't done any hand scraping for years, my arms are aching now, I'm glad I don't feel I need to the ways.

    Just repainting the painted surfaces on the carriage & cross slide

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    Took the carriage gear box apart...

    Apart from the power feed motor not being wired up, the worm gear on the motor is missing.
    So even if the motor is ok, it won't drive anything.

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    Got the brake solenoid off, it's quite loose, but I do get continuity if I wiggle it about a bit.

  9. They are built just like a contactor with everything a little loose and sloppy. Does your solenoid have flying leads or do the connections go straight to the bobbin?


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    Straight to the bobbin.

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