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    I'm completely fed up with drilling an tapping holes :-). There's 112 tapped holes in the bed alone which is less than half what the machine will have when complete.
    Drilling and tapping lots of holes is the most Mind numbing exercise known to man and there isn't a curse or swear word that does justice to the feeling of snapping a Tap in hole 99 out of 100. . . . . . . . Great incentive to learn to weld. .Lol

    Unless it going down a Rabbit hole surely it could have been made modular from welded parts.?

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    So far I've not snapped at tap and touch wood when I do it'll happen on something easy to replace.

    I could certainly have welded some of it but I sat down with pen and paper and worked out the additional cost of equipment plus where I'd store the kit afterwards (especially the shield gas tank) and the difficultly with getting the frame up and down the stairs and then crossing my fingers waiting for dry days to do some welding etc etc - I decided to just get cracking with bolting it together. With any luck LOML will get a new job in the next couple of months and we can get cracking with building an extension that includes a garage / workshop, at that point I'll get a MIG welder I think as I've got a few projects I'd like to do.

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