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  1. Hi Tony,
    i forgot to tell you but you went to exactly the same conclusion like me. The 80x80x3 is the size of profile that is at the golden middle point for weight and strength and value, also permitting this type of design. Great that you figured it on your own.

    Today i went after work to the lazy guys at the metal shop and urged them for my profile. After helping them to cut i figured one point more. Its not a real necessity though. As i have ordered 1x 6m new profile and used some scrap they had, there was i piece of 100x100x4. So i figured at the last moment that the 80mm pieces could be even stronger if made from that. Ask them if they have by chance some scrap 80x80x4 just for the 80mm pieces. It will not raise the price. Just give it a try.

    Hey, now i want small legs for the machine i am building

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    Tony The design would benefit from one more support for bed has the centre distance is on the wide side and could cause bed flex.
    It also definitely needs some triangle braces in the corners to help hold frame square.

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    Thanks Jazz. I skimped on the extra rail in the design to keep the Steel costs down to two lengths. What I'll do is find some smaller sized box section for the central bed support, put two or three support rails in there (depending on size) and use the existing single span of 80x80x3 to create the support triangles at one end. I guess at this point I could go for triangles on the 'fixed' end or just move the central bed support rail to the same height as the top rails to create a U shape. I'll draw them up shortly and ask for comments.

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    I have to admit that I'm not planning on cutting or welding the frame for my machine myself. I dont have the kit, or a suitable space to make the frame. So I'm off to see a recommended chap locally who has agreed to cut, weld and paint as per the attached. Not sure when it will be done yet, should confirm things by the end of the week then its just a matter of hauling 136KG's of frame to my study up the stairs.. :)
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  6. Wise decision if you don't have the means. I welded mine with my new welder this weekend. I fiddled a lot, as my first real weld and had to wait for a friend to take it of the welding supports and bring it inside the garage. You will be surprised of the robustness of the design. Dont forget what i suggested you in the email, spend 5-10 pounds more and weld vertically a 5mm or similar whatever flat bar plate at least along the middle profile of the table bed for vertical reinforcement. If it was me, i would weld on the 3 of them. Just for the sake of extreme robustness. Of course, depends whatever you intend to use as table bed. Also these bars can be bolted later if needed. However with them you will have astonishingly minimal overall deflection/less than 0.05mm i believe/

    I don't know about your gantry and Z but with this you can do aluminum on the breeze

    Whatever, looks very nice!

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    Checked in on the chap who is building the steel frame earlier today and was really pleased that its coming together. Some of the welds right now are just tacked and there's end caps for the box as well as adjustable feet to add yet. Its great to see something come from CAD into reality. I should collect it later this week and then it will be time to mount the other hardware I have got and the Y and Z that I was able to build myself with the trusty drill-press and hand tools. I realise that the mouting of the stepper to the side of the Y Axis side plate is sub optimal but I guess its part of the learning.
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    Step closer today. Got the frame up the stairs with a lot of help. (The floors are concrete - so should be able to take the weight). Travelling a bit with work for a few weeks now but hopeful for a Christmas live-run. Still got the mechanical X movement, limits, echain, wiring etc to complete.
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    That looks very nice Tony, very neat. G.

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    Looking good Tony

  12. Very nice to see a drawing in real life.

    What made you choose this size table? I wonder as i have to start urgently my other build and am contemplating something similar.

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