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    Hello Folks,

    just registered here, because I am crawling the net for Infos regarding DIY CNC for months now, and found this Forum to be extremely useful.

    I am a Mechanical Design Engineer from Austria,
    i have been working on a conventional Deckel FP1 in our company from time to time,
    and have got a basic Overview regarding CNC in University.

    And I always wanted a small CNC for home use, that maybe can earn its keep.
    I am into cars, mainly japanese turbo cars, i own a Nissan silvia s14a and a Mazda 323 GTR.
    Car hifi is also a big passion for me.

    My goal with a CNC will be to design things that are not on the market or hard to come by.
    Or simply make things better, because I often have a specific imagination and cant find parts that are to my liking.

    Kind Regards,


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    Hi Clemens, just seen your post...welcome to the forum!

    Build log...here

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    welcome. not been here long either! we can learn together.

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    Welcome to the forums guys, enjoy and have fun !

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    Welcome to you both

    Quote Originally Posted by kingcreaky View Post
    welcome. not been here long either! we can learn together.
    As can we all... (even those of us that have been here for some time.)

    Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other - Abe Lincoln


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