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    I am just lurking in the background and following these threads. I think that the difference is that a compoud saw the blade will tip over to an angle as wee as swivel around from sid to side. Good luck with your build.

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    Re the chop saw they are currently on sale at BnQ. Doesnt say 'sale' on the website but does in-store.

    B&Q - Search

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    That's because it is the same Wilfy lol, my fault for trying to confuse you ( I'm getting old) what I had meant to post first time round was that you would be better off with a sliding compound mitre.
    See the addition of the word sliding makes all the difference. That was the whole point of me saying to watch the width of the material you are cutting. Chop saws (or compound mitre saws) are quite limited in the width they will cut, especially as you are looking at a saw with quite a small blade (210mm)

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    fair enough, makes sense now.. but as my only intention is to cut max 60mm box section surely a 210mm blade will do this for now.. at 50 its a steal regardless and it has hopefully just been bought by the rents for a crimbo prezzie :D

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    Hi Wilfy I would sugest that you take a small piece of wood with you about 60mm to see if the blade will clear it as the further you cut from the back the less depth of cut you will get. I think you might be on the limit.

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    If the only thing you want it for is this build then it will probably be OK but as Clive says always best to check max it will cut. From the picture it looks like the head lifts quite high on that one but I wouldn't expect it to cut much more than 60 x 60 with a blade width of 210mm anyway.

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    the biggest i need is 60x40, but i see your point, i need to go bnq 2nite as it happens so will try and get a demo or atleast a measure up

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    hmm.. i've just been told it's already been bought for me and i didnt get chance to go bnq and look at it.. oops.

    now all i gotta do is persuade someone to buy me the drill :D

  11. Just been looking at the evolution rage 2 what a BEAST got to get me one of those!

    Regarding your question on difference between chop saw and mitre. The chop saw is designed for steel and the like. Spins slower and has a clamp to hold the work piece in place. Most use a cutting disk but some use a blade like the aforementioned rage 2...

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